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This directory includes the firmware for the Xorcom Astribank hardware echo canceller module.


If you install from source, you should copy OCT6104E-256D.ima to the source tree (before running make install:

  mv OCT6104E-256D.ima drivers/dahdi/xpp/firmwares/

Alternatively, if you have already installed DAHDI-linux (e.g. from a binary package that does not include the firmware) you can just copy it directly to the target directory, /usr/share/dahdi using:

  cd /usr/share/dahdi


The Octasic firmware file is copyright 2009, Octasic.

Informally: The firmware is licensed by Octasic to Xorcom Inc in a license that specifically permits Xorcom Inc to relicense it for the sole purpose of redistribution (section 2.4). See the license file for the full text. When redistributing, please make sure to include the license and the copyright statement.